Army Regulations

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AR 27-1 Judge Advocate Legal Service

AR 27-10 Military Justice

AR 190-11 Security of Arms, Ammunition, and Explosive

AR 220-45 Duty Rosters

AR 350-17 NCO Development Program

AR 350-30 Code of Conduct

AR 600-8-2 Suspension of Favorable Actions (FLAGS)

AR 600-8-19 Enlisted Promotions and Reductions

AR 600-9 Army Weight Control Program

AR 600-20 Army Command Policy (Equal Opportunity)

AR 600-25 Customs and Courtesies

AR 614-280 Army Retention Program

AR 621-5 Army Continuing Education

AR 623-105 Officer Evaluation Reporting System

AR 623-205 Enlisted Evaluation Reporting System

AR 630-5 Leaves & Passes

AR 630-10 Absence Without Leave & Desertion

AR 635-10 Processing Personnel for Separation

AR 670-1 Wear & Appearance of Uniform & Insignia

AR 672-5-1 Military Awards

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Are your Soldiers out of control?

As Non Commissioned Officers, it is our responsibility to counsel our Soldiers on a monthly basis and when they fail to follow instructions.

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